How to Maximize the Space Under Your Stairs

For years, the space under the stairs has been considered the black hole of interior design. Too big for a simple closet, but too small for a traditional room, the alcove underneath your stairs is easy to ignore.

Talk about a waste of space!

Thankfully, new advances in interior design are helping pave the way for the improved use of this often neglected area. If planned properly, this space can be transformed from awkward into amazing, creating a unique bonus space in your Dallas home.

Your Options Depend on the Location of Your Stairs

If you want to put the space beneath your stairs to use, now’s the time to call in a Dallas custom storage expert from California Closets. The first thing our interior designer will do? Locate where your stairs are in your home. Being able to effectively use the area underneath your staircase is dependant on where they sit in your home. Three of the most common locations of staircases in Dallas homes? The living room, the dining room, and the basement.

Here are some thoughts on how to maximize each of these areas with Dallas custom storage solutions:

  • Living Room Staircase
    Dallas homeowners have the most options with this layout. This is because your living room is likely the room that attracts the most traffic in your home. As such, you might want to convert the space under the stairs into additional storage; open shelves will give you plenty of space to display family photos and mementos. If you’d like to hide whatever it is that needs to be stored in this room, opt for covered Dallas custom cabinets.If your living room is off your front entryway, consider using the space beneath the stairs as a place to store seasonal outerwear, footwear. Does the space beneath your stairs have a nice view of your living space? Perhaps it could double as a seating area? The Dallas custom storage experts and interior designers at California Closets can help you envision and execute a built-in lounge space that’s perfect for entertaining.
  • Dining Room Staircase
    If your staircase is located in the dining room, don’t miss the opportunity to turn this oddly shaped nook into a custom china display cabinet. By adding pot lights or under-shelf lighting to the space, you can create a beautiful display area for your formal dinnerware and stemware.Want to really up the “wow” factor of your dining room stair nook? Consider installing a wet bar in the space. Talk about convenient entertaining!
  • Basement Staircase
    If your Dallas home has a basement, it will also have a staircase leading down to it. If you’re not utilizing this space, you’re wasting the perfect opportunity to expand your storage and improve the functionality of your home. This area can be converted into a small office or study area, complete with a cozy chair and custom made bookshelves.If you enjoy entertaining, consider converting this space into a custom wine or liquor cellar. It’s the perfect upgrade for any¬†connoisseur!

Unique Ideas for Under the Stairs

Want to do something exceptional underneath the stairs in your Dallas home? What about a built-in aquarium or terrarium? Or perhaps a custom gallery to display all of your sports¬†memorabilia? If you’re looking to create a serene hideaway, consider transforming the space beneath your stairs into a reading nook or meditation room.

The options are endless, especially when you choose to work with a California Closets interior designer. Book your free consultation with one of our Dallas custom storage experts today to learn how you too can transform the space under your stairs into a useful space.

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